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MasterSpec, Inc. provides the following services.  See below for more detail about each service offerred.  Please give us a call to discuss services that are not listed here.
  • Traditional Home Inspections on Resale Homes
  • Construction Consulting
  • Pre-Listing Home Inspection
  • Baltimore County Rental Inspections
  • Expert Witness Investigation and Testimony
  • Radon Testing

Traditional Home Inspections on Resale Homes 

A good Home Inspection is a foundation to roof, inside and out, evaluation of the Property.  It is a visual examination of the physical structure and major mechanical systems of a dwelling.


Structural elements begin with the foundation, extend through floor and wall framing, and end with the roof structure itself, including roofing materials.  Whenever safely possible, the roof is actually walked upon.


Mechanical systems are inspected and evaluated - these include plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning (weather and temperature permitting).  In addition to major structural and mechanical systems, components which affect function, livability and safety are also inspected, as are issues of "normal wear and tear".  I identify cut off valves and offer suggestions for maintainability.


The most important aspect of my Inspection is that I am here to help you - providing you with knowledge which will enable you to make informed decisions in the negotiating and purchasing process.  If requested, I will give advice and recommendations, including prioritizing issues listed in my Inspection Report.

Construction Consulting

The construction industry has changed dramatically in the past two decades.  Quality control has become a challenge, and the days fo hands-on builders with craftsmen employees are mostly gone, replaced by a project manager and a series of sub-contractors.


Progress Inspections conducted by an Inspector with an extensive background in all phases of the construction industry can help protect your investment and provide you with peach of mind.  Defects or problems with workmanship and/or materials can be identified, documented, and reported to the Project Manager/Builder, allowing corrections to be made as early in the construction process as possible, or prior to the completion and/or acceptance of the home.


Phases of Typical Constructions *


  • Foundation - basement walls completed, damp proofed, drainage systems installed


  • Pre-Drywall - framing and structural components, mechanical systems including heating and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical completed to rough-in stage


  • Final - Construction completed - Ideally, should be conducted one day prior to your walk through with the Project Manager/Builder.  A thorough Inspection of the entire house is performed resulting in a punch list which enables you to discuss and resolve issues with the Builder prior to settlement or occupancy of the house.


* Additional progress inspections can be scheduled as requested

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection is an up-front analysis of the physical condition of your existing home.  This Inspection provides you with a general idea of what a prospective Buyer's Home Inspector will find and enables you to confront issues before placing your home on the market.  Items which can become "red flags" to a prospective Buyer are discussed and solutions recommended.  Items in need of repair and/or replacement can be identified and prioritized.  A Pre-Listing Inspection can be conducted within the format of a complete Home Inspection, or it can focus only on major components and concerns and be billed at an hourly rate.

Baltimore County Rental Inspections

All buildings or a portion of a building that contain one to six dwelling units intended or designated as rental units must register and be licensed with Baltimore County.  The registration process requires that a licensed home inspector complete a Rental License Inspection Sheet as part of the registration process.  Required photographs are taken and the Rental License Inspection Sheet is completed and provided.  Visit the Baltimore County Rental Housing License web page for more information.

Expert Witness Investigation and Testimony

Disputes and misunderstandings involving construction issues can develop between home buyers and builders and between home owners and home improvement contractors.  The resolution of these problems often requires both an evaluation of the issues of concern by a qualified 3rd party construction expert and legal action.  Based upon my training and experience as both a Homebuilder and an Inspector, I am qualified to perform analysis of a full range of construction issues.  I provide documented opinions supported by detailed written reports and photographs.  I have experienced many hours of preparation and testimony and have been accepted as an Expert Witness for Construction Issues by The United States Disctrict Court for the District of Maryland, The District Court of Maryland, The Office of Administrative Hearings MHIC, The American Arbitration Association and The Rabbinical Arbitration Proceedings.

Radon Testing

Exposure to radon is reported to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.  The EPA recommends that all homes be tested, and if elevated levels of radon are found, that corrective measures be taken.  MasterSpec, Inc. offers short-term testing (48 hours minimum) for real estate transactions using state-of-the-art tamper-proof continuous radon monitors.

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